Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits

Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits

Cosmetic dentistry is the art of creating attractive, naturally beautiful smiles, and at Argyle St Family Dentist we pride ourselves on the quality and attention to detail when constructing and consulting with your smile.

Ever been caught by the site of someone across the room?  Recent research shows that the most likely reason that your head turned so quickly was because that person had a perfect white smile.   Research has found that the primary feature that people are attracted to is a nice set of white teeth, even over, height, skin tone, eye colour and hair.

If you’re not happy with the appearance, colour or shape of your smile then you may need a cosmetic dental consultation in order to determine the options for getting the smile of your dreams.

What Does A Cosmetic Dentist Look At In A Smile?

Your smile is a much more complex part of your body than you realise.  At your cosmetic dental assessment your entire mouth and facial features will be assessed and measured in order to tailor the best treatment plan for your smile and pearly whites.  Our dentists will completely asses all the factors that contribute to your smile’s appearance.  This includes, the shades of your teeth, your lip and facial lines, gum-lines and current dental restorations present.

4 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Life.

1. Job opportunities

Research has shown that people who have better smiles are more attractive for  the opposite sex but also in a professional setting.  This makes them more likely to achieve their career goals and financial goals.  Your smile is your business card, cosmetic dentistry is a way of unlocking your potential!

2. Makes you look younger

A person’ age is primarily judged on by the features of their face.  Yes and you guessed it, the mouth is one of the first places you start to show your age.  Stained teeth, drooping smiles and loss of facial height can all be influenced by cosmetic dentistry and is your key to looking younger and living a happy fulfilling life!

3More likely to find a partner

That’s right, as we’ve mentioned earlier, the primary feature that the opposite sex will judge you on is your smile.  So it’s also been shown that you’ll have better luck with finding that special someone if your teeth and smile are the best they can be.  Remember, first impressions last!   Make sure you flash those brilliant pearly whites.

4. Self-confidence

One of the things that people will often say holds them back is that they didn’t have the confidence to take an opportunity when it presented itself.  It’s well documented that people who are self conscious or worried about their teeth find themselves shying, covering or simply not smiling as often in order to hide their teeth.

With the confidence that a bright white smile will bring you, your cosmetic dental treatment can completely turn around your life in more ways than you think.

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