Kids Dentist Parramatta

Kids Dentist Parramatta

As a family dental clinic, Argyle Family Dental Clinic prides itself on giving the best care for your child’s growing mouths.  Our dentists are trained and experienced in dealing in with pediatric dentistry to make sure that your child has a positive dental experience.

Creating early habits in children is crucial for life-long oral and overall health for many reason.

Dental Issues Are For Life

You may think that a simple hole will need a filling.  But for a young tooth, dental decay can mean a lifelong battle against chronic dental disease.  Kid’s dentists’ will always aim to prevent teeth problems before they start, and this is the best medicine for healthy smiles!

Dental Health Is a Lifestyle

It’s too often that we think that our mouths don’t contribute to the rest of our body and health.  That’s why it’s important that our children understand from an early age that looking after their teeth is a life-long endeavor that takes into all accounts of lifestyle.  Young healthy kids can look after their smile with oral hygiene, dietary knowledge and regular visits to the dentist.  Our aim is to teach your child from a very young age the values that will instill a healthy mouth for life.

Dental fears often start in childhood

It’s one of the most common fears known to man, going to the dentist.  Dental fear is in nearly all cases originated from a childhood experience with teeth or a dentist.  This is why early, non-invasive, friendly and fun appointments at Argyle St Family dentist will make your kid a happy active dental attendee for life!  And their smiles will show it!

Habits are best made early

We all know it’s difficult to remember to floss.  It’s a well known fact that the most practiced habits are one’s we have ingrained from us from a young age.  Early child dental appointments – from even before the first tooth erupts into the mouth – begins to instill habits in your child’s routine that they will practice for life.  Healthy teeth are a lifestyle, not a fluke!

Teeth are central to communication and self-confidence

For growing developing children, young mouths and teeth play a much larger role in normal healthy development than we often stop to think about.  During their dental visits, a dentist will check and monitor many aspects of their mouth, lips, throat and facial symmetry that will have an impact on the child’s speaking, smile, facial appearance and overall self-confidence.

Dental problems have been linked to other medical issues

Dental researchers are increasingly finding the links to many childhood diseases that may be linked problems with the development of your child’s mouth, teeth and airways.  Crooked teeth may be a sign of an improper formed airway that can cause snoring and oxygen deprivation during sleeping.  Other conditions like ADHD have been linked to lack of oxygen to the brain in early stage research, which is why it’s vitally important that kids see a dentist before any problems start to occur.

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