Implant Over Dentures

Implant Over Dentures

Sick of struggling with unstable and unreliable dentures and want a better solution? At Argyle Street Family Dental we are able to offer the best of both worlds – implant over dentures!

If you want a more permanent and functional solution to your loose dentures, at our Parramatta dental practice we are able to utilise sophisticated implant technology to provide stable foundations for an implant over denture to be fixed to. This means you can have a fully functional and restored smile that will allow you to eat, talk and laugh with confidence!

No one likes an ill-fitting denture

Dentures that don’t fit quite right can really make your life miserable. Enjoying the simple things like talking, eating and drinking can become an everyday chore and a hassle that you really don’t need!
There are many reasons for dentures being loose. In many cases the unfortunate reality is that you’re not very well suited for dentures. However implant over-dentures provide you with the solution to these problems.

What are implant over dentures?

Normal dentures are designed to fit and ‘suction’ against the gums and ridge of your mouth. The difference that implant over dentures offer is that an implant fixture (or screw) is surgically placed into your jaw that is then connected to the denture.

This provides a level of stability that a normal denture is unable to provide, but it also provides the convenience of replacing your entire dentition with one easily removable prosthesis!
The big difference that implant over dentures provide is that your denture feels and moves like a part of your mouth. This means that it will feel much more natural whilst eating and talking with your implant over-denture.

Can anyone get an implant over dentures?

Whilst a lot of people are suitable, your suitability for an implant over dentures needs to be assessed in terms of, your bone health levels and your general oral health. At your first consult we will perform all of the investigations and tests to make sure you’re suitable for implant over dentures.

I have a normal denture, can this be used for an implant over dentures?

If you have a denture that isn’t fitting right, but like the look and feel of it generally, it may be possible to convert this to an implant over dentures. This will often depend on the denture itself and also your suitability for placing implant fixtures.

I’ve never had a denture before, is an implant over dentures for me?

In a lot of cases, the answer to this is yes! Most of the problems experienced with dentures are due to the difficulties of fitting and suctioning to your gums. Implant over dentures can be an excellent way to reconstruct your smile without the hassles of coping with a denture that doesn’t quite fit right.

Why wait? Book your consult with us today.

Reconstructing your smile with an implant over dentures is often a life-changing event. The longer you wait the more time you’re giving up that could be enjoying the full pleasures of eating, drinking and talking with a great looking smile!

To discover more about our treatment options or to book a consultation at our Parramatta dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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